How Much Energy Can a Single Panel Produce and Why Does it Differ Across Australian States?


In Australia, we have lots of sunshine, which makes solar power a great option for generating electricity. But have you ever wondered how much energy a single solar panel can produce? Well, it depends on the wattage of the panel and where you live in Australia.

Different Amounts of Sunlight

The amount of sunlight varies across different parts of Australia. Places like Queensland and the Northern Territory get a lot of sunshine, so solar panels there can make more electricity. But in places like Victoria and Tasmania, there’s not as much sunlight, so solar panels make less electricity.

How Much Energy Can a Solar Panel Make?

On average, a solar panel in Australia if its lets say a 400W panel can make 1.6kWh of power per day, based on an average of 4 hours of sunlight and if the conditions are just right. That’s enough to power the lights in one room of your home. While its not much, typically a homeowner will install multiple of these panels to make it a worth while investment.

State-by-State Differences

Let’s take a look at how solar power differs in each state:

Queensland: Gets lots of sunshine, so solar panels here make more electricity.

New South Wales and Victoria: These places get less sunshine compared to Queensland, so solar panels make a bit less electricity here.

South Australia: With its sunny days, solar panels here can make quite a bit of electricity too.

Western Australia: Like Queensland, it gets plenty of sunshine, so solar panels in Western Australia can make a good amount of electricity.

Tasmania: Gets less sunshine, but solar power is still a good option here, even though panels might not make as much electricity as in other states.

Solar Credits and STCs

The government wants to encourage people to use solar power, so they give out something called Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to people who install solar panels. The number of STCs you get depends on things like how big your solar system is and where you live.

In places where there’s more sunshine, like Queensland, you might get more STCs because your solar panels can make more electricity. But in places with less sunshine, like Tasmania, you might get fewer STCs because your panels don’t make as much electricity.


Solar power is a great way to make electricity from the sun. In Australia, the amount of electricity you can make from a solar panel system depends on where you live. With government help like STCs and better technology, more and more people across Australia are using solar power to help the environment and save money on their electricity bills.

If you are looking for a trusted installer to help you bring solar energy into your home, contact Outback Solar. With solar power, you can not only save money on your electricity bills but is also a great investment for the future of your home or business.


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