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How To Use Different Hair Extensions And Techniques

In modern days where trends are changing at a faster rate, men and women both are obsessed with their hair. The obsession is with the styling of hair, coloring, highlighting, and so on. However, in certain situations, it may not be possible for most people to hold the styling trend as they want. The reason is due to hair problems including, hair fall, low density of hair, and poor quality. In these conditions, they look for various hair substitutes which can be used to fulfill their demand.
With this regard, hair extensions are widely used substitutes that enable you to have the hair structure you always wanted. A systematic range of hair extensions is available online and you can select as per your preference. Let us understand the type of extensions available in online and offline markets and what is the difference between these extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are simply a collection of artificial hair strands that are systematically arranged and woven on a fine strip of cloth to make a weft. The weft hair extensions are manufactured for the purpose of salons and professional hair stylists’ supply. They use these extensions to apply the desired texture of hair on various clients. Hair weft extensions are applied using types of semi-permanent fitting methods. The appearance gives a perfect finish like glossy real hairs.
Previously, hair extension wefts were originally designed by Afro-hair stylists. These hair stylists created cornrows around the scalp and then would sew the weft to the cornrows. Now this hair extension method is getting more and more popular day by day because of natural and sustainable fitting without glue and heat.
Our platform offers a variety of weft hair extensions to our customers so that they can choose any as per their preferences and can have the desired hair look.

Do Not Confuse With Weft And Weave

People often have confusion regarding both the weft hair extension and weave hair extension. With this regard understand that weft is a hair extension while weave is a method that is used to attach the weft of artificial hair to real hair.

How Is Weft Attached To Real Hair?

There are some methods to attach a weft hair extension with real hair. These are mentioned below:-
  • Micro Weft Hair Extension – In micro ring hair extension technique which can be applied to any hair type. The ring can be reused and offers no harm to the individual. In this technique, real hairs are attached with a weft using micro rings or loops.
  • Sewing technique – In this technique the weft hair is braided into cornrows. This method is not recommended for individuals having fragile and weak hair.
  • Tape-In Method – Under the Tape-In method, a thin layer of hair is passed between two pieces of skin weft extension using a specific tape. In this method, people cannot detect that you are wearing an extension.

Colored Hair Extensions

Colored Hair Extensions are very popular, especially among young age women. This allows them to fulfill their desire to have colored hair without applying color to real hair. Colored hair extensions are available in a range of beautiful, classy, and funky colors that would blow your mind. These colored hair extensions are often used by celebrities in interviews and concerts so look different.
One of the benefits of using colored extensions is that no chemical substance is applied to your natural hair to get the colored finish. The color hair extensions are available in a range of colors including purple, red, brown, blue, and many others. This colored extension removes hindrances of hair color with extensions.

How Colored Hair Extensions Are Applied To Real Hairs

Besides the range of hair extensions colored, there are various ways of applying colored hair extensions to real hair. Here are some common techniques that are used for applying colored hair extensions.
Tape-In Extensions
Tape-in extensions are widely used as a great option as they last for around 1-2 months. This technique of extensions is mostly adopted because it is more comfortable than other types for the user and also does not damage hair. The application includes taping and medically gluing extensions with the client’s natural hair.
Sew-In Extensions
The application technique of hair extension is the same as the suggestion. In this method, the hair extension pieces are securely sewn into the client’s skin. The lasting period of this technique is generally 6-8 weeks. This method is best if you want to grow new hairs naturally as they get out from the pores naturally.
Clip-In Extensions
The clip-in extension technique is best suited for those who want a stylish hair look during the day and a free scalp by night. In this technique, the hair extensions are attached to the client’s natural hairs using pressure-sensitive clips. Moreover, it is easy to apply and remove these clips even without external help.
Glue-In Extensions
In this hair extension technique, the clients’ hairs are glued to the small groups of the client’s natural hair deeply close to the scalp. In certain cases, glue extension can be riskier as it may block the hair follicles and may cause hair tension. There is another similar technique similar to glue-in extensions known as Bonded extensions. In bonded extension, Keratin bond is used to attack hair with extension.
Tape Hair Extensions
For temporarily increasing your hair length, tape hair extensions are another example in the hair extension scenario. The quality of human hair tape extensions is so high which would make you confused in comparison with real hairs. The dense and high volume of this extension gives a healthy look to your hair.
In Tape Hair Extensions there is availability of vivid colors along with different styles which can be opted by the clients. Our website also helps in finding the correct hair extension as per your needs and desires. This convenience is possible due to the user-friendly nature of our platform.
While applying this extension for full hair coverage it is advised to use either 40 or 60 pieces at a time for a balanced and natural look. Our platform offers a range of hair extensions obtained from different countries having different sizes and textures according to the region from where they originated.
Moreover, digitalization has made it possible for customers to buy tape hair extensions from any corner of the globe. We provide delivery facilities with our delivery partner

How Does Tape In Hair Extensions Are Applied?

It is simple to use Tape-In hair extensions, under this technique tapes are placed into your hair using the sandwich method. Tape extensions are attached to the upper and lower strands of your skin. While doing this make sure that you measure the right length according to your natural hair. This will give a balanced and symmetrical hair extension look.
You can go through the following steps to do it easily:-
  • Make part of your hair using a suitable comb and put the upper layer of hair up using a clip.
  • Take a piece of your tape hair extension set and attach it to the upside of your parted hair. While doing this make sure that they are perfectly attached.
  • Now take another piece of extension and place it underside of your own hair strand using glue.
  • Do the same process at your full back and both sides.
  • In the sandwich method, you should have only two rows in between hair strands which would look better.

Micro links ITIPS Extensions

Microlinks ITIPS Extensions are widely used hair extensions used by clients. The reason behind their increasing use is that they can be curled, dyed, and ironed without being damaged. Another reason for using it is convenience as it doesn’t require much effort. The use of these micro links hair extensions gives a dense natural hair-like appearance which is sufficient to make you confused between real and artificial.
At our platform, these micro links human hair extensions are available in different colors that may suit your desired appearance. In using these extensions, a minimum of over 80 strips are used to provide a satisfying density to your hair look. Once the desired density is achieved you can go with further treatments like curling, dying, etc. Additionally, you can go with different hairstyles if your natural hair allows in case of flexibility and other things.
We are the best Microlinks ITIPS Extensions provider and offer attractive offers on a range of hair extensions in this category. Our dedicated clients have made it possible for us to provide amazing experiences by providing services. If you make your order from here your product will be delivered to you with a hassle-free process.
Microlinks hair extensions available on our website are directly obtained from the manufacturers which marks the sign of quality as they come after a series of quality checks. This category of hair extension is new to us and we are proud to service this facility to you.
Different grade hair from India and other countries are used in manufacturing to make it of high quality.

How To Use Micro Link ITIPS Extensions?

Applying the micro link extensions is very easy. You just need some external help if applying on your own hairs to set it up properly. Our guide will let you do it in the right way. Go through the following steps to know about the application process. Start with taking a little portion of your hair, twist it, and pass through a loop that has a string and an attached micro ring. Now pass the hair through micro rings.
  • Lightly slide the micro-ring close to your scalp. You can also use a closer tool for convenience.
  • Now clamp the iron ring with pliers close to the scalp.
  • Done, gently vibrate your hair to get a bouncy and dense hair look.
Above mentioned is a common and easy practice to apply. Depending upon the hairstylist and procession there can be slight change in the process.



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