Local Expertise, Custom Solutions: Explore Custom Made Windows Nearby

  1. Introduction

When the time comes to start replacing windows and doors in your home, you don’t have to look any further than your own front door. Whether it’s a fix or replacement, it’s time to think about installing custom-made windows and doors. Why bother trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak? In many modern homes, the window sizes are uniform for each opening, but these are cookie cutter homes and no two are exactly alike when you throw in the element of age and settling. A lot of today’s newer homes with larger developments have chosen to utilize the services of large corporations and retailers in order to obtain their windows and doors due to the cost. A common misconception is that one must use the services of a larger company that may be better equipped to handle the job. This, in turn, will ensure that you get a better quality window, but if you look at some of the work being done, you may change your mind. These companies also have a factory line result with the idea of maximizing profit and the custom element goes out the window. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the family-owned contractor who simply orders from the same large corporations and retailers. This is where local expertise comes in handy.

1.1. Importance of Local Expertise

Local window companies will have the knowledge of local environmental conditions and can recommend windows that come with warranties against blistering, flaking, peeling, and corrosion. Those that have showrooms in the area will often have employees that live in or near the community, so they are familiar with the specific conditions and needs that homeowners face. Local businesses are often involved in the community, so it’s easy to learn about a business’s track record. Owners should also be available to resolve any problems and to ensure the customer is satisfied. Usually, window and door purchases are a one-time investment, and hidden damage from improper installation can lead to higher costs in the long run. It’s been said that 70% of window and door failures are due to improper installation and not the product itself. High energy costs are often a concern, and poor installation can lead to air seepage and heat loss around the units. This can be a major problem in extreme climates. A study firm NAHB Research Center has demonstrated that 90% of windows in new construction experience problems within the first 10 years. Today’s consumers are becoming more educated on the products and practices involved in home improvements. We hope that the information provided here has given you a better understanding of the benefits of purchasing windows from local companies and what to look for in a window professional.

1.2. Benefits of Custom-Made Windows

That would not be the type of custom-made window that we would be referring to. The custom-made windows that would be considered high quality must be designed and constructed with your home in mind. Often, older homes have peculiar window sizes that can make finding a replacement window difficult. An easy choice for this scenario would be to alter the size of the current window opening to something more common; however, this can catapult into a huge project that can become quite costly. By ordering custom-made windows, you can avoid changing the window opening at all. The windows will be made to the exact dimensions of the current opening and could then be installed with relative ease. The end result will be a high-quality installation with little to no mess and at the same cost as the alternative method.

When making home improvements, including custom-made windows in your plans can be a wise choice. Energy efficiency, better appearance, and increased functionality are just a few of the benefits that will be revealed in this article. The concept of custom-made windows can actually encompass a variety of meanings. Normally, when we think of anything custom-made, we automatically assume that it will be pretty expensive. Well, that is not always the case, especially when you’re working with a reputable company. Many companies like to use the words “custom-made” to describe just about anything that is made after it has been ordered. These companies sell a basic vinyl window and make it seem like you are creating something unique for your home.

  1. Finding Local Experts

The benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer are many. Often, a consumer can get better deals on windows that are of comparable or even higher quality than the products of national companies. Dealing directly also cuts out the salesperson’s commission, another move that can drastically reduce the final price. More importantly, consumers deal directly with the people who have intimate knowledge of the product and are able to answer specific questions. This expertise can help the consumer to more clearly define exactly what they are looking for in a window, as well as learn about the different available options. The most important thing here is that the windows can be custom-made to specifically fit the consumer’s needs. Often, the custom work, something not available from most nationwide companies, does not come at an extra cost. Custom windows ranging from odd sizes to different stylistic touches are usually the manufacturing company’s specialty. Finally, dealing with local manufacturers keeps money within the community, something which is always beneficial.

When customers are in the market for new windows, they will encounter many window manufacturers eager to serve their needs. In order to regain the personal touch lost from dealing with national companies and still acquire a high-quality window, consumers should direct their attention to local window manufacturers.

2.1. Researching Local Window Manufacturers

In a recent survey of its members, the AAMA found that 74 percent of respondents always or frequently refer homeowners to manufacturer and installer members of AAMA. The most beneficial aspect of this is that these windows are from local manufacturers who the builders are quite familiar with, so if there are questions or problems regarding the windows, the answer is only a short distance away. AAMA members from across all segments of the industry understand that buying and installing new windows can be expensive and that this is a popular long-term investment for consumers. This may be a deciding factor for the manufacturer, since they would understand the importance of this investment and will potentially give extra care and attention to make sure the job is done right or as referred to in the survey, 71 percent of respondents are likely to give custom/special attention to installation for homeowners who are installing a purchased product from the manufacturer. By garnering discounts and special promotions such as free or discounted upgrades on energy efficient models, it is possible that consumer could indirectly benefit from the AAMA and manufacturer/installer member relationship. By looking these things up at these websites, it is feasible to find potential manufacturer candidates while saving money and getting a good quality product.

Upon initial inquiry, inquiries need to be targeted towards discovering producers of window replacements who are easily reachable in their local area. A great tool for this is information from the nearest area home builder associations and the nearest chapters of the Better Business Bureau. These are two reliable sources that can provide valid information.

2.2. Seeking Recommendations from Friends and Family

As a part of many research studies, panel data or other sets of information are used to perform a. The decision of taking recommendation from friends and family has been known to have a significant impact on the purchase decision of a consumer, and this type of behavior has been one of the widely researched topics by psychologists to understand its influence. People tend to ask for information and recommendations from social contacts, with the assumption that the value of the information is higher coming from specific individuals. In our case, this assumption holds true. When an individual buys a window or any other building components, they want the best value for their money as these are considerable expenses involved. Windows and their types are not something that homeowners deal with often, and it’s difficult to know which companies are good. Considering double pan windows have only been around for 25 years and fiberglass windows even less, it’s actually pretty amazing that a handful of firms have done it well for these new products. Information is asymmetrical, i.e. even if there is a best product in the market, the consumer might not decide between good and bad quality due to a lack of information. At this stage, the consumer exhibits bounded rationality and takes help from specific people to know the details. This has been backed by simulation studies conducted using agent-based modeling. These studies have shown that when the people in the simulation know each other and have information to share, the price for a product purchased is generally higher. A recent extensive research by The Strategic Counsel and Public Opinion Strategies found that people use recommendations from friends and family the most of all, varying from 68% to 94%.

  1. Assessing Custom Solutions

If you are involved in a home renovation, your task becomes making the best decision about each individual existing window. This will require a room by room analysis taking into consideration factors affecting each room. An example of this process would be a homeowner involved in an older home window replacement project. This person would want to take various steps to ensure that the look of the original windows is maintained. In this case, a custom window matching the original window size would be the best solution. At the other extreme, a different homeowner might be more interested in providing additional sunlight and ventilation to a room with a poor outdoor view. This person might decide to install a different style or type of window that is different from the original window.

If you’re involved in building a new home or an addition, the task is simple. You have no existing windows to consider, and can direct your attention to the new window needs. Most window companies can help you to design a window plan that suits your home, utilizing a combination of standard and custom windows. Be prepared to spend time with your builder making sure that the window sizes are compatible with the sizes of window openings. Window openings should be built to a size that will allow an exact fitting window to be installed, with minimal need for wall alteration. Size flexibility is one of the primary advantages of custom windows.

In order to achieve the perfect windows for your home, the solution that suits you must be decided. Because every homeowner has unique needs, your first job is to find out which type of window will best suit your needs. An older home restoration project will be very different from a new construction in a new subdivision. A subdivision homeowner will be very interested in design and window style, and may be restricted by subdivision rules as to what can be installed. A homeowner involved in an older home restoration project will be most interested in maintaining the look and character of the original windows, and may be limited by needing to maintain the structural integrity of a window wall.

3.1. Understanding Your Window Needs

While the project is underway, the first phase of our process begins by identifying our client’s needs. We need to understand their reasons for looking at custom-made windows and what the problem areas they are trying to solve are. Understanding this can help us guide them with a solution that will fully address their needs and resolve any issues they are trying to tackle. To do this, we are relied upon to be the expert and use our knowledge in construction and window function to educate the client on what is available currently and what the potential benefits are for them. Commonly, clients wish to do one of several things with their windows. Most often, we find that people want to reduce energy costs. Coming in a close second is an effort to fix a recurring problem such as water leaking in or a draft coming from the windows. Lastly, people are looking to remodel for aesthetic reasons. Using windows to minimize energy costs is a very broad topic, and a detailed inspection is often required to identify the exact issue. The client will usually complain that their energy bill is too high, and they are under the impression that it is because their windows are too old. While this may be true, it’s often hard to say whether the windows are the sole cause. High energy bills may be due to an air conditioner or heater being used more often or at a higher setting, or an increase in energy rates by the utility company. The windows could be a source of heat transfer in both cases. Air-conditioned air escapes to the outside when it’s hotter inside than out and vice versa. Heating costs are higher when trying to heat a house to a temperature greater than the outside. An increase in energy rates usually prompts an attempt to conserve energy, and little changes in temperature control can have big effects. Any of these scenarios can cause the client to turn up the heat/cold and can often lead to over-usage and an increase in energy costs. In any case, what’s important to determine is whether the windows are the cause of increased energy costs and whether the situation can be improved. Usually it can, and doing so can make for a very satisfied client.

3.2. Exploring Design Options

A window is an opening within a wall that is closed off by glass and is a major component to any structure today. Windows allow light and air to enter and if needed, can provide an emergency exit. Windows also provide architectural interest. Because windows have so many uses, there are a wide variety of design options which can affect the function and appearance of a window. When choosing design options you want to consider the function of the window and your climate. Some of the common types of windows found in residential settings are: fixed windows, sash windows, hinged and swinging windows, sliding windows, and tilt and turn windows. Each of these types has its own style and may not be available in all regions.

You can immediately try out our window design option by completing the form above. You may be presented with a collection of pre-designed windows, or you may be able to modify details such as the window style, frame material or glass type for the most accurate representation of your requirements. By using various features included with the form, you will be guided through the process of indicating your size requirements and options available to you based on your selections. Often times, especially for more complex windows, design options have a significant impact on the cost of the window. Be sure to communicate the priority of your design options with your sales representative to ensure that you get the best value.

3.3. Evaluating Energy Efficiency

Radiation occurs when heat is absorbed by your window and then radiated to the cooler side. Low-E glass is coated with a virtually invisible layer of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coating. This transparent layer allows light and heat to pass into the home, while reflecting heat back into the room and reducing heat loss by as much as 30%.

Heat loss also occurs by air leaking in and out around the window. The greater the area of the window, the more air leakage will occur. New homes are more airtight so that mechanical ventilation is being used to circulate air. This means that there is less natural air leakage to balance with a ventilation system.

Conduction is the process by which heat travels directly through materials, such as the glass and frame. Materials that are good conductors of heat are poor insulators. Heat loss can be reduced by using a non-metal spacer for double glazed windows, improving the window frame, and using the most appropriate glass.

Energy loss occurs in 3 main ways from your windows. It is important to understand these to evaluate the energy efficiency of your window and what you can do to improve it.

  1. Customization Process

The first stage in the customization process is a consultation and measurement. The purpose of the consultation is to determine what you want to achieve with your window replacement; for some, it’s aesthetic improvement or energy efficiency, for others, it’s DIY framing options or expanding panoramic views with greater glass area. During the consultation process, your sales representative will ask questions to help determine your main objective and expected budget or investment. They will then help target product options that best serve your needs and identify performance or structural issues that should be addressed with design changes. If you reach a product and design decision at this stage, it will be documented on a contract that specifies product, material, installation, and payment terms. In other cases, it might be best to proceed to the next step with a firm decision pending.

The customization process, a five-stage journey that turns your dream into reality, is a marketplace differentiator. Unlike competitors, who have standard sizes that are trimmed on-site to fit and fill gaps with sealants, your windows are custom-sized in the frame at “no up charge” to ensure the best possible fit, appearance, and energy performance. Your sales representative will help steer you through these steps to ensure your greatest satisfaction.

4.1. Consultation and Measurement

When it comes to selecting custom windows, knowing the local climate, the architecture of typical homes, and the design and construction of current window openings is extremely important. A company that specializes in custom products is going to be focused on meeting your specific needs and reflecting the unique character of your home. But you’ll find that many window companies that claim to do custom work are still taking a product-centered approach – pushing their own standard size windows and making them fit as closely as possible by altering the size of the existing openings. There are a couple of ways that you can identify a company that is truly offering custom solutions.

Having made the decision to invest in replacement windows, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time considering the benefits of going with a custom product rather than settling for a “new construction” window. And you’ve probably come to the conclusion that the advantages of custom windows are worth the additional cost. In fact, you’ve landed on this website because you’re looking for more information about custom windows from a reputable local company. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

4.2. Material and Style Selection

To move from the consultation phase to the production of your custom project, we’ll require a deposit to cover costs of materials. We have long-standing relationships with our material suppliers and pay them using net-30 invoicing. This means we don’t cover the cost of materials until 30 days after they’ve been delivered, allowing us to maintain healthy cash flow. Following the deposit, we will schedule a time for exact field measurements of your window or door. These measurements will ensure a perfect fit for your new fixture. For simpler projects, we can move forward with measurements and material ordering at the same time. Usually within a few days of taking measurements, we’ll start discussing or delivering selections of glass patterns. When we are not certain on a particular pattern choice for a customer, we will often mock up several different options in a computer design of the project. This allows the customer to have a visual aid in their decision. After we have the glass decision squared away, we’ll start looking at the finer design details of your project. This includes hardware color and style, as well as other functional yet aesthetic add-ons like tilt-wash sashes on windows. With all the style options available for wood windows and doors, we cover an entire separate drawing we refer to as a “cut-sheet”. This cut-sheet covers a very detailed list of each individual window or door unit in the project and specifies the exact design details. With all the information we’ve attained thus far, we can give a firm cost and production timeline for your custom fixture. Should you choose to hire us, your project then moves to the production phase.

4.3. Manufacturing and Installation Timeline

All installation associates are independently employed subcontractors who have been trained and work exclusively for your local window expert. This helps us maintain the highest level of quality and professionalism for each job. After the project is fully installed, we perform a final inspection to make certain that your home is exactly how we found it. At this time, your window warranties will be registered and filed by us.

A complete manufacturing and installation process is managed by your local window expert. Once you give the go-ahead and your order is finalized, the next step is done by the installer who will visit your home to re-measure each window opening, ensuring that your custom-made windows will fit perfectly. This is an essential step as many window openings are not perfectly square, and at times an adjustment must be made before a window can be installed. An installation date will then be set, and depending on the number of windows being installed, the job can take from 1-3 days. Rest assured, we will make sure that your home is left newly improved and not in disarray.

  1. Quality Assurance

They have a 17-step quality check program that every employee must go through before they are able to perform work in someone’s home. They also conduct random quality checks to ensure the highest quality of service. When the project is completed, the installers have the store owner walk through the job with the customer to ensure they are completely satisfied with the project. Accurate custom fitting of windows and doors is critical to aesthetic appeal, as well as to insulation value and the prevention of damage from water penetration. Windows and doors can account for 10% of heat loss in a home, and it’s often more expensive to install a window improperly than to purchase a new one. Therefore, it’s important to find a reputable manufacturer with highly skilled installers. Old Town Glass features a staff of skilled builders, capable of designing proper structural support and aesthetic value for any window or door. Their windows and doors, whether new construction or replacement, are built in the rough opening of the existing home structure in order to prevent costly drywall repair. They boast the best installation in town, with complete customer satisfaction guaranteed. They are licensed, bonded, and are lead certified by the EPA to perform renovation, repair, and painting to homes built pre-1979.

5.1. Ensuring Proper Fit and Functionality

Window replacement is a two-way process. Starting from the first meeting with the client up to project acceptance – the salesperson, project coordinator, and installer survey every step to ensure custom window installation is tailored to the needs of the customer. To maximize the product line and installation options, survey different proposals. Some homeowners may be unaware of the replacement window options available. Vinyl windows are the popular choice of material; its relatively low cost, high energy savings, and option for custom fit due to its malleable state make it ideal in choosing a vinyl window. However, a custom wood window may be a selected candidate for a bay window project. Each type of window has different installation requirements. To ensure the right choice was made, the installer should be able to outline the benefits and options for each window type while providing a valid reason as to why his specific product line meets the customer’s needs. The correct method for measuring a window opening is a six-sided measurement. Zero in, tip to tip, and left to right measurements will ensure the window is built to an exact fit. Untrue generator or block frame measurements, which only measure the opening from one side of the studding to the other, may result in gaps between the frame and the window. Sash window openings should be measured as double-hung, right down to the width and height of its upper and lower sash requirements. A method of measuring called retrofit is valid for window replacement only. In this case, the inside stop is removed, and the window is measured from outside to outside, allowing a custom-made window to be built for an exact fit to the original window frame. In any case, the customer should be specific with the type of measurement his windows will undergo. Any mismeasurements may be costly, since certain products only offer size remakes at a cost to the customer.

5.2. Checking for Warranty and Maintenance Support

– Full Warranty Transfer: If you plan to sell your home, it is a good idea to have a warranty that will transfer to the new homeowner. This will be an attractive selling feature.

– Written Limited Warranty: Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the window. However, the warranty may be limited to the original purchaser and may have conditions, such as periodic maintenance requirements, the replacement of certain parts, etc. Find out who the warranty protects and what is covered.

Choosing the right window company saves you from future maintenance problems by ensuring that minor maintenance will keep windows performing well and looking great. Once you have identified the windows that best suit your needs, be sure to check for warranty and maintenance support. This will protect your investment and keep your windows functioning properly. Look for the following:

  1. Cost Considerations

Complexity of Design Windows that have a more complex design will generally be more expensive. An example of this is sash windows, which have a rectangular grid pattern. If this design is to be achieved with Georgian bars, the window will be quite expensive due to the complexity. Unusual window shapes will also increase cost, as this will require the manufacturer to make custom fittings.

Materials The materials used in the construction of custom made windows are the biggest factor that affects cost. Timber windows are generally more expensive than aluminium or UPVC. If you are set on timber windows, the type of timber will also heavily affect price. The nature of custom made windows means that you often have the choice to select the exact material that you want. Make sure you get quotes for windows of different materials so as to understand the cost differences.

Pricing Factors for Custom Made Windows Custom made windows can vary greatly in price. The main determinants of price are explained below.

When considering custom made windows, price is an important factor. The price of custom made windows can be significantly more than stock windows and can vary greatly. An understanding of the pricing factors will help you to source the most cost effective windows that provide the specific benefits that you need.

6.1. Pricing Factors for Custom Made Windows

Specialty shapes such as round top windows will be considerably more expensive. When seeking custom windows, the price for specialty shapes is usually double the price of a standard rectangular window of comparable size.

Simulated Divided Lites on wood windows will make the window more expensive than the grilles-in-the-glass option. With SDL, the width by height is done on each individual lite, therefore it is important to provide an accurate count of lites per window and identify which windows will actually get the SDL.

The type of window, as mentioned previously, divides the window price into 2 categories: operable and fixed lite. The operable windows, on average, are 15% more expensive than the fixed lites. Expect a higher cost on the operable windows in comparison to the fixed lites of the same style because the width by height of operable windows also takes into account the different sizing of the screens.

Window installation is a step-by-step process that is best decided on through a guided decision-making plan. Custom made windows are priced on a width by height basis. The price is determined after the type of window, the materials chosen, the add-ons for the windows or special types of installations are identified. The variability of the features on custom windows allows for many price ranges, therefore, it is important to prioritize which features provide the most benefit from the cost.

6.2. Comparing Quotes from Different Manufacturers

On hold for future use. In gaining a correct comparison of quotes will save you both money and miscommunication. This can be a relatively simple or daunting task depending on how many companies you have the quotes from. The simplest and often most effective means of doing this is to simply make a summary list of the data in point form or excel table which can be compared easily. Make sure that all specifics on the products and company details are listed so that there is no confusion to what is being offered. This summary comparison will serve handy when comparing products. Try calling the company to clarify any data on the quote that is unclear. When comparing products, often the inclination is to immediately go for the cheaper alternative. However, a decision of this nature can end up costing you more in the long run. Consider what the product offers in terms of durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and how this will affect your initial quote over time. A durable and low maintenance product may be more cost effective, as it will be a long time before you need to replace it.

  1. Customer Testimonials

One such customer is Judith from Balwyn, a lady who was after a solution for the extreme harshness of the Australian sun after becoming fed up with the damage that the UV rays were causing to her furniture and floors. Realizing that the existing windows were not of good enough quality to prevent the UV rays from causing further damage, Judith contacted Custom Made Windows to discuss the possibility of having some custom windows designed and installed. These windows had to ensure that they were effective in minimizing UV rays entering the house and prevent further damage to the floors and furniture. Judith was very pleased with the results and had the following to say, “After having the windows installed, I will say that I was impressed by the quality-to-price ratio. The problem was effectively solved. In addition to that, I was very impressed by the service shown by the workers and the thorough cleaning up after the job. I will recommend this company to anyone.”

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for providing consumers with a sense of proof about the quality and benefits of the product in a way that is truly believable. When considering this, it is no coincidence that the experiences shared by customers of a company are one of the most powerful selling points a business can employ. Custom Made Windows’ company strategy is to focus on the specific needs of each of their clients, and the success they have achieved is evident when you hear the comments made by a variety of customers who have had custom made windows installed.

7.1. Real-Life Experiences with Custom Made Windows

We decided on our first custom windows and doors for our brand-new house nearly 10 years ago. We did comprehensive research, had a few companies come out to provide us quotes, and weighed out the benefits and drawbacks for each option available to us at the time. As our home was being built in such a way where the majority of the rear of the house was on view, it was important to get it right the first time. Cost, maintenance, strength, and the ability to get the exact look we were going for were some of the main areas of interest for us. Although uPVC windows were a popular choice at the time, we did not feel that it was the best fit for our house. We discovered that some of the lighter colors could discolor over time, they had expanded and shrunk depending on the weather, leaving some hard to open and close. And due to the high number of homes now having uPVC frames, we felt that they did not offer a unique enough look for our custom-built home. Wood-framed windows were also not the best choice for us, as even though they were capable of giving the exact look that we desired, the maintenance was not ideal. With spray and foam insulation offering extraordinary results, the need for heating in our house was now much less than it used to be. Requirements for air conditioning had increased in the summer. Alu-clad windows were the ideal fit for us. They had the strength of an aluminum frame with the ability to match the exact desired look using wood on the inside. They were low maintenance and extremely durable. The style was also the perfect match for an enclosed quote we received regarding some custom bifold doors.

7.2. Satisfaction and Benefits Shared by Customers

Their experiences above illustrate the benefits one can derive from installing custom-designed windows. Our customers have provided feedback that using our services has helped reduce their energy costs and increase the value of their home. This is because our double-paned, vinyl-framed windows or wood-clad windows are of high quality and they have been designed to keep out the extreme heat or cold, thus reducing the use of air conditionings or heaters. In addition, our windows are tailored to fit and installed with precision, eliminating any drafts or air leaks. This would help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With the money saved on energy, our customers feel that the windows will eventually pay for themselves. This is an important point in today’s economy where people are looking to simple improvements to help cut costs. Our windows are designed to provide comfort and aesthetics to one’s home. Customers with vinyl windows have given us feedback that the windows are very easy to clean and maintain. This is a major difference compared to their older, aluminum-framed windows which we also provide. Wooden window customers have expressed satisfaction with their windows as they add a rustic ambiance to the interior and exterior of their home. This is because the wooden windows provide a classic design that cannot be achieved with windows made of any other material. Our customers have said that it feels like changing the windows is the same as putting an addition onto the house. High-quality windows improve the comfort of one’s dwelling and it also serves as a statement saying that the house is well taken care of. Finally, customers who have installed security windows have commented that they are relieved of previous worries about break-ins and feel much safer in their home.

  1. Conclusion

The decision to walk through the door of a double glazed salesman contains an implicit understanding that you are approaching with your own objectives, and that the projected costs and benefits must be weighed up. The endorsements and warnings reported in Appendix 1 are tailored at consumers who mimic the aims and constraints on the consumer in the hypothetical example, and are influenced by the findings from the analysis and discussion. It can be determined that a single retired person will approach the complex issue of double glazing in a different way from a young couple with children. The responsible authorities and trade associations in the double glazing industry have tried to address this complex issue in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, many of the considerations that need to be made are too intricate to be tackled with general advice. The choice of many consumers may well be made in the mind’s eye, at least subconsciously, between saving money and the environment at present, and we have said several times that there are potential future savings in energy from double glazing. Our examination of the market and pricing strategies has, however, found that the future energy savings in switching from single to double glazing are not exploited as a selling point. The low sample rating from Question 5 for the perceived effectiveness of reducing heat loss suggests that potential consumers should be more enlightened. An obstacle is that cheap and lower quality installation will nullify the potential gains. Any future nationally regulated schemes to encourage the fitting of double glazing must therefore focus on preserving quality.


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