Protect Kitchen Appliances via Flow Control Valves

Kitchen Appliances

The water and gas appliances that we use in our homes run on a specific flow of fluid and have a pressure limit. Remember that the water or the gas comes with high pressure from the main source. This is necessary to precisely control this pressure to save your appliances and to get optimal performance from the appliances. In this regard, one can use a solenoid proportional valve to manage the flow rate and pressure effectively. These devices provide efficient control of the flow rate of water and gases by restricting the passage. 

Here we have listed some appliances that you can save with the help of flow valves:

Prevent Leaking Faucets:

Today, its have become very common to use the solenoid proportional valve in the pipelines to save the faucets. The water that comes directly from the main source has a high flow rate and pressure. This flow rate and pressure can damage the faucets and can become the reason for the leakage. We often see that the kitchen faucets start leaking after some time of use. A small drop of water keeps dropping down from the faucet even when it’s closed. It happens with the high pressure of the water. When the faucet is open this pressure keeps applying a force on it which results in leaking. 

Protect Dishwasher:

If the pressure of the water remains high, then this can damage your dishwasher because it operates at a specific flow rate and a low constant pressure. A solenoid proportional valve can help in maintaining the required pressure. This pressure is necessary to get a good performance from the dishwasher. If the pressure will not be managed accurately, then the dishwasher will start malfunctioning and will not do the proper washing. 

A high pressure flowing inside the dishwasher can damage the pipeline of the washer and cause them to leak. There’s also a great risk of pipe burst which can be harmful to the user. That’s why, installing electronic flow control on your kitchen appliances is necessary to keep them safe and in a well-maintained condition for a long time.

Save your Gas stove:

A solenoid proportional valve installed with the gas pipeline helps to operate the gas stove safely. It reduces the upcoming high pressure and maintains a constant flow rate and pressure so that the user can easily operate the stoves. High pressure can also break down the stove or it can start malfunctioning. If the control valve with solenoid will not be available then the high pressure will not be managed by the user. It can become the reason for gas leakage and this leakage can become the reason for a potential incident. So to operate the gas stoves accurately, keep them in good cognition for a long time and for maintaining a safe working environment, it’s crucial to use a flow control valve. 

Final Words:

Whenever your kitchen appliances work under low or high pressure they start malfunctioning and their life span is reduced. In this regard, a solenoid proportional valve is very helpful because it lets the appliance operate on the required flow rate and pressure and reduces the risk of breaking down. 


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