Transform your office or home with Reeded Glass film


Tintfit Window Films proudly presents a diverse array of daytime privacy solutions, with our Reeded Glass Film taking center stage. This clear self-adhesive film boasts a decorative 6 and 13mm wide fluted pattern, commonly known as fluted glass film. In the realm of privacy solutions, this decorative polyester, PVC-free film stands as a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional reeded glass, eliminating the need for window replacements. Its applications span across both commercial and residential settings, expertly applied to the interior side of windows.

Privacy with Poise: A Balanced View

With a privacy level of 3/5, our Reeded Glass Film offers a moderate level of seclusion, providing a softened and distorted view. Ideal for interior spaces, it enhances aesthetics without compromising privacy. Featuring a high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 95%, this film finds its place in glazed meeting rooms, office partitions, and various living spaces where diffused natural light is essential, but privacy remains a priority.

Distinct Visual Dynamics

Objects in close proximity to the glass become noticeable and distorted, while those a few feet away begin to appear as blurred outlines. This unique visual dynamic adds a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Where can I use Reeded Glass Privacy Film?

Reeded Glass privacy film is suitable for any smooth glazing requiring daytime privacy. Common applications encompass commercial spaces, residential windows, utility rooms, conference rooms, and office & lobby partitions. Its versatility extends to interior doors, kitchen cabinet doors, room dividers, and even shower screens.

Do I apply Reeded Glass Film horizontally or vertically?

The orientation of the reeded window film significantly impacts how light enters and interacts with the space. To optimize results, we recommend applying the film with the flutes positioned vertically, creating a harmonious play of light within your space.

Does Reeded Glass privacy film provide privacy at night?

Unfortunately, Reeded Glass privacy film does not offer nighttime privacy. Blinds or curtains are essential to maintain complete confidentiality when interior lights are on after dark within a building.

Where can I buy Reeded Glass window film?

Explore the options of Reeded Glass window film in 6 and 13mm variants available in our online store dedicated to window tinting films. Your privacy solution is just a click away.


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