Unique Que 914 Review

Unique Que 914 Review

My job has recently transferred me to Pune, and I hope to bring my family. The first thing that needed to be done was accomplished, and it was a challenging task to choose a nice neighbourhood that was also convenient to my workplace. Getting this done was the most important thing that needed to be done. Because of that incident, I learned about Unique Que 914, where I finally found the home of my dreams. It has an assortment of amenities that are unique to itself, as well as architecture that draws its influences from the traditional American style. To phrase it another way, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to call home. I invested 1.04 crore rupees in acquiring my apartment, which has made it possible for me to enjoy a more specialised lifestyle.


How Did I Discover Unique Que 914?


My mother’s feelings about possibly migrating to Pune with the rest of her family were less than enthusiastic. Therefore, Mom contacted all her relatives and friends who already lived there to get their opinions on which neighbourhood they thought would be the best option for our family to call home. She searched for my aunt, who had moved to the region with her children a few years earlier. She informed me that she now lives at Unique Que 914 and would be an excellent spot for us to move in because it has all of the conveniences and safety features I need.


Unique Que 914 Price and Amenities That I Adore 


The uniform design of each house, which adheres to these criteria, generates an atmosphere that can only be described as friendly and inviting. The pricing range for the property on the market is anywhere between 1.02 and 2 crore rupees. The following are some of the conveniences that caught my attention the most:


  • Spa/steam/sauna is provided for a pleasant experience
  • Elevator service for the elderly
  • Obtaining usable water from precipitation using rainwater collection and storage
  • Indoor activities that provide youngsters with some amusement
  • Children are encouraged to run about and have fun in the garden.
  • The social club where the festivities are held.
  • CCTV cameras provide enough surveillance
  • Protection for younger age groups
  • Gymnasium featuring a basketball court for testing and developing your skills.
  • Backup power in case of unexpected power outages
  • Swimming pool available for use and enjoyment by swimmers.


3 reasons to buy property at Unique Que 914


Because it is located in the enticing neighbourhood of Keshav Nagar, the restaurant Unique Que is near all of the area’s contemporary infrastructure amenities. Some of the reasons why buying a home in Unique Que 914 makes sense are:


  1. Location Advantages 


  • Hadapsar Railway Station is the station most conveniently located near Que 914. Additionally, it is near Pune International Airport, which makes it a perfect position.
  • Because Mundhwa is located right next to it, the property enjoys easy access to roads leading in all cardinal directions, including the Manjari Road, the Ghorpadi Road, and the Magarpatta Road.
  • Along with Vadban, some well-known adjacent communities close to Que 914 include Magarpatta, Ghule Nagar, and Sector R2. 
  • In the neighbourhood around Que 914 in Keshav Nagar, Pune, one may locate several important educational institutions, retail malls, hospitals, banks, and other recreational facilities.


  1. Impressive Amenities


In addition to its solid construction and well-thought-out layout, it is crammed to the gills with the most luxurious amenities and the most exquisitely designed interior. The apartment block is a potential front-runner for the family’s new dwelling because of its handy location and up-to-date facilities. The existence of several facilities, such as a park, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a variety of other services, contributes to the neighbourhood’s increased desirability as a location in which to make one’s home.


  1. Reputed Builder 


Since its inception, Unique Properties has developed a reputation for being one of India’s most prestigious real estate developers. By imprinting on properties of varying classes and price points, it has firmly established itself as one of India’s leading and most successful real estate developers. As a result, it is now considered one of India’s most successful real estate developers. It has years of experience in the market, which along with its diversified clientele, enables it to provide its clients with the most cutting-edge housing infrastructure and a living experience that is both rewarding and enjoyable.


Finding verified properties for sale in Pune was not difficult as I was constantly searching for the best residential projects on their NoBroker.in portal. Not only did they help me in finding the home of my dreams, they also helped me in home renovation in Pune as well. I would highly recommend that you visit NoBroker if you are looking for home services!


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