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What does it take to start a company in USA?

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Over the course of the last several years, our firm has been an industry leader in assisting foreign customers in establishing legal presence in the United States through business registration. Hence, we assisted hundreds of Indian company owners in establishing legal entities in the United States and then growing their operations to encompass new markets in the Americas and beyond.

Our years of working with Indian customers are reflected in this page, which we regularly update to provide the latest relevant information.

How can you start a firm in the United States?

The actual steps required to establish a corporation in the United States are minimal and consist of filling out a few forms and submitting them to the appropriate government agencies, as well as creating a few internal company papers. With our comprehensive business registration service, we help our clients on how to register a company in USA from India and save time and money on this crucial first step.

There are two important choices to make when establishing your business:

(1) where state you want your firm to be based in, and;

(2) what kind of legal entity you want your business to be established as (typically a choice between a corporation and an LLC – limited liability company). At the end of this piece, we’ll address both of these concerns.

The banking system?

To keep your firm afloat, banking services are essential. Most of our Indian customers want to open a bank account in the United States and register a business in the country. While the U.S. government has made it more difficult for foreign nationals to create bank accounts remotely, this may still be done by physically visiting a branch. To learn more about banking in the United States and your options, hire the top CFO in India.

In short, you may wish to look into these possibilities if you have access to a U.S.-based partner or friend/family member who is ready to help you by acting as the “Signer” on the account, or if you plan to make a personal trip to the United States. Individuals interested in using a managed service can do so remotely if they are willing to pay the associated monthly fees and abide by the service’s other constraints.

A bank account in India seems like a good place to begin

It might be beneficial to create a bank account in India for your U.S.-based company until better alternatives become available. To do so, you need just have US apostille the certified copy of your articles of incorporation (or organization) that you purchase from us when you register your business.

If you can get some customers in the United States to send money to you via wire transfers, you may use those cash to create a bank account in the United States, without having to physically relocate there or hire a local representative to sign on your behalf.

The “high-risk” category would include American enterprises owned by Indian clientele who don’t have a Social Security number or a proven track record as a U.S. merchant. High-risk merchant account providers are those who specialize in working with businesses in a high-risk industry. Most providers need customers to have a bank account in the United States, however others may work with customers who have accounts in India or elsewhere. In addition, some service providers have higher rates and lengthier settlement timeframes to compensate for the risk.




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