Without Adobe, how can I edit PDFs?

Without Adobe, how can I edit PDFs

Adobe often has exclusive access to PDF files. There are instances, nevertheless, when one lacks the necessary technology to open the PDF file. The time limit makes things much more difficult. The person could be required to turn in an essay, or a presentation might be due in the conference room. Nonetheless, there are situations when the user has to change the PDF right away. We’ll explain how to edit PDF files without Adobe.

iTop PDF is a unique piece of software that offers many features and long-term support. On the web market, there are a lot of PDF editors. They are, however, not trustworthy. Here are a few explanations for why iTop editor is great for editing PDF specifications.


The development team never skimps on quality. Real reviews and other features are provided by the programme, allowing users to contrast them with other services on the market. Moreover, there aren’t any sponsored adverts included.

Optimal user experience

The app has a quick speed and a simple to use interface. Moreover, neither does the iTop PDF lag. It supports a range of system requirements. Also, the features are straightforward, which keeps operations easy. Users may simply alter PDF documents by using their own judgement rather than the assistance of a professional.

iTop PDF is a reasonably priced option for altering and reading PDF files. The programme won’t empty your financial account with unanticipated features. Before buying the full product, the buyer is urged to test the demo version. Unfortunately, the demo will be missing a few features.

Using iTop PDF, how can I edit PDF files without Adobe?

Step 1: Get the iTop PDF file from the official website.

Step 2: Hold off until the first installation is finished. The startup screen’s “Install” button should be clicked. After a few minutes, the programme will be installed. To choose a route, select the custom install option.

Step 3: The PDF editor will welcome the user with editing tools after the installation. There are several choices, including converting pictures to PDF and PDF to Word. The toolbar at the top also has other functionality. To use them, you click on the feature.

Without Adobe, how can I edit PDFs

Step 4: The Edit tool PDF will properly meet your needs if you want to alter the PDF. After importing the PDF file, click the feature. The service allows you to upload text and photos. Moreover, adding a watermark is an option.

Without Adobe, how can I edit PDFs

The user may also choose the font and colour when entering text into a PDF file.

Step 5: If the document includes sensitive information, the programme will let you add a password. The function is suitable for business and financial papers that can jeopardise the reputation of the organisation. To generate a password, choose “Encrypt” from the feature menu.

Step 6: Save the document.

The final step is saving the document after you are happy with the additions. In the left-most top corner, choose the save icon. Depending on your needs, you may choose a specific place to preserve your papers.

Download iTop PDF right now

If you’re looking for dependable, long-lasting software that will allow you to edit PDF files without Adobe. iTop PDF is a great option for both personal and commercial requirements. With only a few clicks, you may compress PDF online now by downloading the programme.


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