Why You Should Run a Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

Just how well are your social media goals actually lining up with your social media content Think about it this way: An accounting audit exposes gaps, and so does a social media audit.

Every business with a social media presence can benefit from an audit. Let’s go over why that is the case.

What Happens During an Audit

Taking a time-out to look at what’s working for you and what isn’t is important for establishing a healthy social media presence. Every major social media network, as well as your website statistics, provide helpful insights and analytics.

When a social media audit is run, things that get looked at include the posts you make and the setup of your pages and accounts. Some of the things that get looked for in an audit include branding strength, consistency, and the way posts and comments are worded.

From there, types of posts get broken down. Do images work better than videos for your business? Does text work better than graphics? Are links pivotal to your social media performance? The content type that performs best gets determined, then the focus becomes setting goals that match up with your business’ mission.

Using an Auditing Template

There are some ways you can self-audit as a way to get started. Here’s a quick checklist of what you can do:
● Jot down a list of your social media accounts
● Use a social media audit tool
● Track your metrics
● Focus on how you can achieve your goals
● Use what info you glean to work on those goals

Drafting a social media auditing template reveals gaps in what’s working and what isn’t. Key metrics you might want to include in the template include where you’recurrently at, how well your efforts are working, and where your whitespace opportunities exist. You can track these key performance indicators (KPIs) across multiple social media platforms, too.

KPIS help build your social media marketing strategy, revealing everything from impressions and potential impressions to click-through rates. You can also look at demographics, social sentiment (how users feel about your brand and products or services), hashtag analysis, and social share of voice.

A summary page on the template gives you a comprehensive look at how things are progressing across multiple platforms and how you’re tracking on social media marketing success.

Some Potential Goals

Let’s talk goals. Here at Netbase Quid, we try to focus on helping clients address and meet their goals for social media marketing. That means we’re going to ask you some crucial questions.

What do you want to achieve in the next year? In the next five years? A social media audit allows you to establish, focus on, and achieve those goals. A lot of businesses want to strengthen their social media reach by creating ad campaigns, launching brand-new products, and drafting long-form content.

The Benefits of a Social Media Audit

Having an audit performed gives you insight into how you can redirect your focus on your social media. You get to see what you’re doing well, what can be improved, what your goals should be, and how well your team in general handles social media
for your business.

Ultimately, an audit can help save you time, energy, and, of course, money. Wherever your dollars need to be spent on broadening your reach, you will know where to put them.

Performing an audit of your business’ social media presence is important for success in the Digital Era. Establish an auditing template and keep it up-to-date to see how on-track you are for success.


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